back to basics, baby

Naturebaby striped organic cotton onesie $29
Sapling grey bodysuit in dove grey $29
soft baby bath mitt $15
Ladedah crocheted cotton racoon toy $59
Minti striped nappy bloomer $25
Petit Collage wooden animal figures/puzzle $49

give me a home among the gumtrees

Love Mae bamboo cup $8
handknitted possum by Rose $29
Littlehorn cotton shorts on sale $20
In The Deep Red Desert hardcover $25
Acorn green stripe hat $29
handknitted wombat by Rose $35

something for the weekend #30

one of Aldo van Eyck's many Amsterdam playgrounds in the 1960's

the 13 best illustrated children's books of 2013

the actor who played Chewbacca shared some rare behind the scenes photos via twitter

how to regrow celery!

excellent photos of old NYC diners (many of which have since been demolished)

a sweet, and useful, post for those with little ones heading off to 'big school' next week

these chocolate cake recipes are to die for

a compilation of slow motion shots from Wes Anderson movies

posted by Kat

What can you spot by the sea shore?

Amelie & Atticus peter pan collar dress (shown folded) $39
handmade light denim pinafore $39
Love Mae bamboo floral cup $8
retro red basket $5
Rare Rabbit hair-tie $5

Styled and Photograhed by Ingrid

something for the weekend #29

boy in teddy suit, photographer unknown
valley of the paper dolls 

have you been to check out the summer playground at the Sydney Opera House? Looks like fun!

how to make a furry fox cake

a Russian mother took these stunning photos of her kids and animals on their farm

7 secrets to saving money on your kids' activities

a collection of photos of Earth from space (my kids are obsessed with these)

a tropical heatwave...

This is a close-up of the gorgeous Australian made playtent we have just set up in the shop window! The cotton tents have a simple wooden frame, much like our teepees, and are $79.

Stay tuned for more photos...

leopard love

Indiana by Freda leopard print dress $65
Hootkid straw fedora $23.95
Rare Rabbit wooden bracelet pair $8
Belle & Boo canvas rucksack $49
Ladedah crochet wolf toy $55
Belle & Boo wooden pencil case $19
Rare Rabbit wooden necklace $19

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid

something for the weekend #28

Kids Dancing New York, Helen Levitt, c. 1940

this beach trash series is so inspiring - we must all remember to pitch in and keep our beaches clean this summer

while we're on the subject of beach litter, go over and 'like' the Take 3 Facebook page, you'll be glad you did!

teenage girls (as imagined by an 8-year old in 1991)

these DIY thank you cards are easy peasy and super cute

Lunchbox Blues: "I’m just a dorky dad trying to feed my son a great dinner and pack him a lunch he’ll eat and I’ll feel good about."

Hello Kitty, Hello Miffy

Coq en Pate canvas cube storage set of two (shown folded) $39
wooden maraca $7
Littlehorn cotton shorts on Sale $20

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid


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