Little Petal

Maisie May fabric bow hairclips $15 pair
handmade floral cotton sundress $49
straw hat with ribbon $12
wooden dancing bugs $5 each

styled & photographed by Ingrid

NEW! Kinetic Sand

Excuse us while we get a bit excited about this magical Kinetic Sand that has just arrived! Have you heard about this awesome stuff? 

The sand flows and shapes just like wet sand, but leaves surfaces and hands completely mess free. The magic ingredient is a non-toxic polymer coating that causes the sand stick only to itself in a soft clump.
You can cut, sculpt, mould, build, smooth, slice and squish it -- as you can see in this neat video:

Available in a 1kg box ($19) or 5kg box ($49) - instore and online now!

I am Supersloth

I am Supersloth.
I'm new to Shorties!
I am fuzzy and handsome.
I was designed by Karla Courtney, and you can find me in this book.
She was inspired by this video.
I've been hand-knitted with love, in Peru of course!

Oh, I also have a cape and an Instagram account...


Supersloth is in-store now, $49.
Made from premium wool blend (15% Alpaca, 5% wool, 80% acrylic), and measuring in at around 35cm. 
Capes come in purple or blue, $12 each.

something for the weekend #23

film poster for Zazie dans le Metro, 1960

a cute and kooky DIY babushka decoration

apple cores are a myth!

in 2006 Kurt Vonnegut wrote this letter to 5 high school students

my kids are obsessed with this interactive Eiffel Tower site (it is pretty neat).

family portraits with no faces (using a the subject's belongings instead)

21 mum and baby friendly uses for coconut oil - wow!

it's too late for Halloween, but make this milk bottle Stormtrooper mask anyway...

blogs we love - Lili Fefe and Rose

How darn cute is this little blog, featuring the three creative children, Felix (15), Lison (almost 12), and Rose (7) of French illustrator Lili Scratchy! Such a lovely creative household! 

all images belong to Lili Fefe and Rose

Christmas Sonny Angels are here!

Aren't they cute! This series includes the reindeer, santa, snowman and gingerbreadman -- and the two 'special' pink editions which are a bit more rare to find. Like our other Sonny Angels, these little figures come blind boxed ($9.95 each) so you never know which one you'll find inside.

Don't forget, Shorties is running a Sonny Angel photo competition over on Instagram - where you could win yourself a whole box of 12 Sonny Angels! Head over and enter now!

beach brights

Quut triplet beach toy $12
Hootkid spotty summer scarf $19
Missie Munster Island dress $89
Rare Rabbit pair of wooden bead bracelets $8

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid

vintage book love - exciting things to make with wool

Crafty fun #1 - Star Winding

Stay tuned for future posts featuring craft from this amazing book

Jungle Finds

a cute selection inspired by this month's jungle themed shop window... shop the jungle look now:

handknitted lion jumper $45 
Petit Collage baby puzzle 'safari babies' $25
Sonnyboy shorts made with vintage jungle fabric $39
Dwell Studios Toucan puzzle (available in-store) $20

Little Miss Delft

Peggy 'Blaze' dress $65
antiques, stylist's own

styled & photographed by Ingrid

something for the weekend #21

Hansel and Gretel (source)

much loved: beautiful photo portraits of well-loved and well-worn teddies

watching this hand-lettering master is hypnotic, such artistry!

a truly beautiful school in Putney

17 things to do with confetti

colour palette friendship bracelets (would have gone nuts for these when I was a teenager!)

and for the graphic design inclined, an online library of 45-sleeves. Addictive. You're welcome.

jungle baby

hand-knitted topsy turvy lion/elephants by Rose $39
Zebi linen elephant bloomers $25
Bambu wooden food bowl $25
Bambu wooden cutlery set $15

styled & photographed by Ingrid

Little Gatherer

Little Gatherer  is the sweetest chidren's blog, posting unique and amazing finds for little people every day. The cutest thing is, each week they have a new theme (like robot week or circus week).

Right now, Shorties is featured over on Little Gatherer, which is super exciting! There is a wee interview and some cute photos of the shop, so do head on over and have a little peek.

GIVEAWAY Sonny Angel Photo Competition

These adorable miniature figurines have completely stolen our hearts! Now we want to spread the Sonny Angel love by giving you the chance to win a complete set of 12 Sonny Angel dolls.

To enter, you need to show us your most creative ideas for how to display Sonny Angels. You can use one Sonny Angel or many, and be as zany as you please. Simply snap a photo on your phone and post to your Instagram with the hashtags #shortiesfreestuff and #sonnyangel

Celia took this paparazzi shot of the Sonny Angels having a boogie

If you don't use Instagram (or have a private Instagram account) never fear, you can still enter by emailing your photo to

We'll have an impartial judge choose the winning photograph on Wednesday the 4th December, so get snapping and good luck!

Sonny Angel display and photo by Jasper, aged 6

Terms & Conditions
- Your image must be original, and be photographed by you
- You may enter more than once but MUST use a new photo for each entry
- The winner will choose their prize from our range of Sonny Angel box sets valued at $109, subject to availability.

Pretty Parrot

munster 'perch' dress $49
Hootkid spotty scarf $19
Rare Rabbit accessories assorted from $5

styled & photographed by Ingrid

rumble in the Shorties jungle

handknitted bee by Rose $35
crochet frog puppet by Wendy $25
crochet lion bag by Mel $29
crochet lorikeet puppet by Wendy $25
crochet zebra puppet by Wendy $25

styled & photographed by Ingrid

something for the weekend #20

children playing in a Detroit suburb, 1973

cinnamon spiced pumpkin and hazelnut cookies drizzled with home made chocolate sauce

printable sugar skull mask for dia de los muertos

love this little story about the photographer Gjon Mili's cat, Blackie

is there anything more scrumptious than a pile of handmade baby knits?

imagine going to school here: The Josephine Baker School in France 

I loved the look on my son's face when I showed him this news story about Blackbeard's recently discovered booty

lastly, if you haven't already seen this adorable baby get emotional watching her mum sing, well here it is


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